How to make easy roman blinds

Interior designer Gordon Whistance shows you a quick and easy way to make a roman blind in this fuss free video guide.

How to make easy roman blinds

How to make roman blinds


  • Fabric
  • Velcro tape
  • Rod tape
  • Rods
  • Scissors
  • Staple gun
  • 2x1 baton
  • Tape measure
  • Blind cord
  • Blind rings
  • Pins
  • Eye hooks
  • Sewing machine
  • Iron

Blinds can be expensive so why not make your own? A gorgeous window treatment can make a difference in any room and Gordon's easy to follow step by step video for making no fuss roman blinds will get you on the right track.

For more information on how to measure for blinds, or for more details on cutting fabric, sewing hems and different ways of mounting your blind, read our comprehensive guide to making a traditional roman blind.

  • <b>Step 1: Measure your blind</b>

    Step 1: Measure your blind

    Lay your fabric flat and mark out the width and drop of your blind. Leave 5cm all around the edge for your hems. Draw a line with a straight edge and carefully cut along the line.

  • <b>Step 2: Fix your hems</b>

    Step 2: Fix your hems

    For straight even seams, iron along the line. Tuck the edge in and iron it again. This will ensure you get straight seams. Pin the seams into place all the way around along the line you\'re going to sew. Next, stick on the soft part of the velcro to the top seam. Sew all the way around the fabric to fix the hems and the header tape. When this is finished, it should be the exact size of the window you want to cover.

  • <b>Step 3: Attach cord tape</b>

    Step 3: Attach cord tape

    Take out the pins and run the header through the sewing machine again for added strength. Divide your blind drop into three, from top to bottom. Draw a line and sew on the tape for the rods to go through.

  • <b>Step 4: Attach cord rings</b>

    Step 4: Attach cord rings

    When the cord tape is in place, sew on the cord rings. Attach them to the rod tape, one at each end and one along the tape every foot or so, in line, top to bottom. Then push the rods in and begin cording up.

  • <b>Step 5: Cording up</b>

    Step 5: Cording up

    Run your cord from the bottom, through the rings, up to the top, along and down the side to the bottom, allowing an extra metre. Tie a simple knot to attach it to the first ring. Repeat until they are all done.

  • <b>Step 6: Attach your eye hooks</b>

    Step 6: Attach your eye hooks

    Cover your baton in the same fabric as your blind and attach the hard part of the self adhesive velcro. Trim off any excess and mark where the cord meets the baton. Make a small hole in the fabric and screw in one of your eye hooks. Thread up your cord and fix the baton into place.