Garden design video: Choosing surfaces for small gardens

Choosing the right surface materials is essential for any garden, especially when your garden is of a smaller size. Certain materials can really make the most of your space and make it seem bigger.

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Garden design video: Choosing surfaces for small gardens

Choosing surfaces for small gardens

Different types of paving can achieve completely different looks and knowing how to draw the eye into the garden is essential when you're trying to make your green space look bigger than it is.

Garden designer Alice Bowe shares her top tips for choosing the right surfaces for your garden.

  • <b>Make a small garden feel bigger</b>

    Make a small garden feel bigger

    If you’re dealing with a small garden, you can make it look bigger by using the same materials inside and out. Do not make the mistake of using the interior materials outside, they will not last and you will have to replace them.

    Consider using the hard wearing outdoor materials inside, instead. If you can’t do this, choose materials that are the same colour and size to trick the eye instead.

  • <b>Use small materials in a small garden</b>

    Use small materials in a small garden

    In smaller gardens, smaller units such as bricks, pavers and sets are an excellent choice as they are so versatile. They are light so easy to handle on your own, easy to get hold of and relatively inexpensive.

    Bricks, pavers and sets can be used to create not only straight paths and areas of paving but curves and other shapes without having to cut them. This means that you will reduce your labour costs.

    Use them to create a pathway leading you out into the garden, enticing you towards a focal point, possibly a summer house or seating area.