Make a simple landscape painting

Even the most unartistic of us can make Gordon Whistance's stylish landscape art work featured in the TV series Britain's Ugliest Rooms, exclusive to Home.

Make a simple landscape painting

you will need...

  • 2 box canvases of the same size.
  • 3 paintbushes
  • 3 paint colours
  • A pencil

With a plain box canvas and a few shades of paint and suddenly you can be Picasso too! Follow these steps and you'll soon have your own art hanging on your walls.

  • <b>Step 1: Paint the land</b>

    Step 1: Paint the land

    Using a box canvas, draw a line halfway across the length of the canvas. Paint one half in a sand colour.

  • <b>Step 2: Paint the sky</b>

    Step 2: Paint the sky

    On the plain half of the canvas, paint on your sky colour (in this case, duck egg blue).

  • <b>Step 3: Paint the horizon</b>

    Step 3: Paint the horizon

    Finish off the canvas by painting a horizon line across the middle of the canvas and leave to dry. As you've chosen a box canvas, there is no need to frame the artwork.