Period property original features

To get the most out of your period property, research its history before embarking on a renovation project. You may be pleasantly surprised by what you uncover!

Period property original features

With the aid of our useful guides, discover the key original features of Georgian, Regency, Victorian, Arts & Crafts, Edwardian and Art Deco properties and the history of those influential eras and design movements.

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  • <b><a href=''>Georgian homes (1714 - 1837)</a></b>

    Georgian homes (1714 - 1837)

    Simplistic symmetry and a host of global design influences shaped the Georgian era. Typically, townhouses tended to be constructed four stories high, complete with sash windows and shutters.

  • <b><a href=''>Regency homes (1800 - 1830)</a></b>

    Regency homes (1800 - 1830)

    The Regency era was dubbed ‘the era of elegance’ with its muted, elegant colour palette, rich polished floors and printed wallpapers putting emphasis on finesse.

  • <b><a href=''>Victorian homes (1837 - 1901)</a></b>

    Victorian homes (1837 - 1901)

    The Victorian era was all about excess and ornamentation so you may be lucky enough to find pine floorboards, ornate patterned tiles and even traces of faux marbling in your home.

  • <b><a href=''>Arts & Crafts homes (1860 to 1910)</a></b>

    Arts & Crafts homes (1860 to 1910)

    Arts and Crafts properties feature sloping roofs, bare stone and brick work and dark wooden flooring. Large fireplaces with huge wide hearths set in an inglenook were also favoured features.

  • <b><a href=''>Edwardian homes (1901 - 1910)</a></b>

    Edwardian homes (1901 - 1910)

    Edwardian homes are usually spacious airy residences, often found on the outskirts of towns. Dado rails, architraves & 'cosy corners' were popular design features of the day.

  • <b><a href=''>Art Deco homes (1908 - 1935)</a></b>

    Art Deco homes (1908 - 1935)

    With its sleek aesthetic, symmetrical geometric shapes and bold bright colours, Art Deco was decorative, ornamental and beautifying.