How to create a sash rope lamp

If you’ve got a plain and tired looking lamp base, don’t throw it out. You could transform it into a stylish addition to your design scheme. This project was featured on Britain's Ugliest Rooms, which is exclusive to Home.

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How to create a sash rope lamp

You will need...

  • Lamp
  • Pencil
  • Glue gun
  • Sash rope
  • Scissors

Interior designer and presenter of Home’s Britain’s Ugliest Rooms, Gordon Whistance shows how easy it is to make your old lamp almost unrecognisable with just one length of sash cord.

Follow these simple steps and see for yourself. You won’t believe the results!

  • <b>Step 1: Mark out a guide line</b>

    Step 1: Mark out a guide line

    Using a pencil, draw a dotted line around the vase, starting from the hole where the electric cord comes out of. This will ct as the guide line for your first line of sash cord.

  • <b>Step 2: Wind the rope around the lamp</b>

    Step 2: Wind the rope around the lamp

    Start the winding process at the electrics hole and wind the sash cord around the lamp, fixing it in place with a line of glue on each of your pencil guide lines. Repeat the process until you’ve got a rope pattern around the lamp base.

  • <b>Step 3: Finish off the loose end</b>

    Step 3: Finish off the loose end

    Finish off the loose end neatly by running the length of the sash cord vertically down the lamp, towards the lamp cord. You can do this or simply cut the end on your last length, but always ensure that your finished edge is the same side as the lamp cord.