How to build decking: part 2 - building the frame

Building and laying decking is a fantastic way to create a whole new look for your garden. In this second part of our three in-depth video how to guides, DIY expert Craig Phillips demonstrates how to measure the ledger and secure the ledger while building your decking frame.

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How to build decking: part 2 - building the frame

How to build decking: part 2 - building the frame

Tools you’ll need

  • Tape measure
  • String line
  • Hammer
  • Pegs
  • Anchor bolts
  • Galvanized screws
  • Stakes
  • Spirit level
  • Ratchet set
  • Galvanised angle brackets
  • Decking
  • Treated timber
  • Power tools – chop saw

This video guide is the second part of three. Here you’ll find out about building the frame for your deck. If you would like to tackle this garden design project, you’ll also need to watch:

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  • <b>Step 1: Measure your ledger</b>

    Step 1: Measure your ledger

    Now you’re ready to fit the ledger to the wall. Check that it's level first with your spirit level.

  • <b>Step 2: Secure your ledger beam</b>

    Step 2: Secure your ledger beam

    You'll now need to drill clearance holes in the ledger and the brick wall, so you can bolt the ledger beams in place. Once the anchor bolt is in position, tighten it with a ratchet set. Fit every 500mm apart until you get a good firm fixing. Keep checking with your spirit level.

  • <b>Step 3:Fit your first joist across</b>

    Step 3:Fit your first joist across

    Now the first ledger beam is bolted to the wall, you'll need to fit your joist across. Lay the joist on the beam - checking it is level - then, transfer that height over to the corner post. Drill pallet holes in the joist and screw to the post.

    TOP TIP: Make sure the post has concrete under to act as a foundation.

  • <b>Step 4: Continue fitting your remaining joists</b>

    Step 4: Continue fitting your remaining joists

    Fit your second corner post, about 1100mm apart. Screw into the ledger beam. Then fit your joists across, spacing about 400mm apart for the full length of decking area. Fix joints firmly using galvanised angle brackets.

  • <b>Step 5:Secure the posts acting as handrails</b>

    Step 5:Secure the posts acting as handrails

    You can leave posts to stand proud and act as a handrail. Use through bolts and washers to hold beam firmly in position and tighten

  • <b>Step 6: Secure the central support</b>

    Step 6: Secure the central support

    Use an off cut piece of wood. Drill two pilot holes and screw firmly into position. Use hand saw to cut off flush with top of the joist. Repeat on all joists.