How to paint your own headboard

Create an arty look for your bedroom with this budget idea from Dulux.

How to paint your own headboard

Quick to create and super cheap, get creative and paint your very own headboard. Make your design as elaborate or simple as your bedroom style is suited to.

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  • Measure and draw your outline

    Measure and draw your outline

    Measure the width and height of your bed and then using a pencil mark on the wall how wide you want your headboard to be, how high from the ground it should start and how far up the wall you want it to go. Using these marker points, draw in the full outline of the shape of your headboard. You can create any style you want.

  • Paint the outline

    Paint the outline

    Using one of the Dulux Perfect Edges brushes, carefully paint along the outline. These brushes have a triangular edge to help you control the paint and create neat lines.

  • Paint your template

    Paint your template

    Once you’re happy with the outline, use a Dulux Perfect Finish Roller to fill the rest of the shape in. You may need to apply two coats.

  • Enjoy your new bed headboard

    Enjoy your new bed headboard

    Voila! Make sure the paint is dry before putting your bed back into position in front of it.