How to hang a heavy mirror

How to hang a heavy mirror

How to hang a heavy mirror

Tools and materials

  • 18v cordless hammer action drill
  • Spirit level
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • 7mm brown wall plugs
  • 10mm 2inch screws
  • 2 x lengths of angled batten

When hanging an extremely large and heavy mirror or picture frame, I wouldn’t recommend using standard picture frame brackets.

Use two lengths of angled batten instead - that is two lengths of batten each with one edge cut at a 45 degree angle. One will be fitted to the wall and one will be fitted to the back of your frame. And when you hang one over the other, it will create a suitable fixing to hold a heavy mirror.

IMPORTANT: With something of this weight and size, I would always recommend only attempting to hang it on a solid wall, not a plasterboard wall.

  • <b>Step 1: Mark up your mirror</b>

    Step 1: Mark up your mirror

    Turn your mirror over and measure roughly 150mm down from the top - draw a horizontal line to mark this spot across the width of the back of the mirror.

  • <b>Step 2: Screw in your batten</b>

    Step 2: Screw in your batten

    Screw your first batten along your line on the back of the frame. This spreads the weight of the heavy frame equally across the wall.

    Drill pilot holes through the batten and drive at least six screws through into the back of the frame. Attach it with the angled edge pointing down to act like a hook. Obviously be careful to use screws that will not go all the way through the back of the mirror.

  • <b>Step 3: Mark up your wall</b>

    Step 3: Mark up your wall

    Hold the opposite batten against the wall. Get your spirit level and hold the batten horizontally. Check the batten is level and mark up.

  • <b>Step 4: Fix the batten securely</b>

    Step 4: Fix the batten securely

    Take the batten down and drill six equally spaced pilot holes in the timber. Hold this in place against the wall, and mark on the walls where the holes in the battens are. Then drill these holes with a masonry bit and hammer action drill. Insert your rawl plugs, hold the batten in place and then screw it onto the wall.

  • <b>Step 5: Lift your mirror on to the wall</b>

    Step 5: Lift your mirror on to the wall

    Now lift the large mirror or picture onto the wall and hook it onto the batten.

    The sheer weight and size of the mirror or picture will hold it in place without any further fixings. Have one final check with your spirit level to assure that your frame is sitting level and you are done.

    When lifting an item this size would be advisable it would be ideal to get someone to assist you.

    Images courtesy of Ian Simpson Photography