How to fit a smoke alarm

How to fit a smoke alarm

Tools and material

  • 4v drill driver
  • 5mm masonry drill bit
  • Red wall plugs
  • Phillips head
  • Screw driver bit
  • Smoke alarm
  • AA battery

If you only ever do one bit of DIY in your life – make sure it’s to properly install a smoke alarm or heat detector.

TIP: There are two common types of smoke alarms used around the house. One is an electric mains fed smoke alarm, which will require an electrician to install it, the other is a battery operated smoke alarm which you can install yourself. If you are unsure, contact your local authorities for advice.

  • <b>Step 1: Mark your screw holes</b>

    Step 1: Mark your screw holes

    Installing the battery operated alarm is simple. Open the face of the unit and you will see two small clearance holes.

    Find your ceiling location, hold the back of the unit against the plaster, and use a pencil mark your two screw holes.

  • <b>Step 2: Screw the unit to the ceiling</b>

    Step 2: Screw the unit to the ceiling

    Using a 5mm masonry drill bit, drill slowly through the plasterboard. Apply your red plugs and the screws provided, and screw the unit to the ceiling.

  • <b>Step 3: Test your alarm</b>

    Step 3: Test your alarm

    Apply the battery and insert into position. Close up the face of the unit and you will see on the front of the unit there will be a test button.

    Keep your finger on this for about 5 seconds and the unit will give off a piercing noise to indicate both the battery and the units are working.

    IMPORTANT!: Check the alarm as often as you can (ideally weekly to monthly) and replace the batteries regularly to make sure your smoke alarm is in working order.

    Images courtesy of Ian Simpson Photography