Aldo Zilli's last five home buys

Aldo Zilli's last five home buys

Celebrity chef Aldo Zilli, star of BBC ONE's Step Up To The Plate, reveals his most recent homes buys.

A Good Homes feature.

  • Broadband hub, from £18.99, BT

    Broadband hub, from £18.99, BT

    'I have six restaurants in the UK and need to keep in regular contact with my head chefs when I’m at home, so I’ve installed this fast internet connection. It’s great for sending my chefs recipes over via email.'

  • Ardenia throw, £125, Christy

    Ardenia throw, £125, Christy

    'We've just converted our three-bedroom home, so it now has six bedrooms. My wife Nikki chose linen and throws in soft neutrals.'

  • Pestle and Mortar, £7.99, Lakeland

    Pestle and Mortar, £7.99, Lakeland

    'I love making pesto from scratch and always use a ceramic pestle and mortar, as the resistant surface makes it easier to grind herbs and spices.'

  • Moonbuzz pendant light, £49, Habitat

    Moonbuzz pendant light, £49, Habitat

    'My son Rocco, two, loves anything to do with the moon and stars, so we bought him this shade for his bedroom.'

  • Bespoke bed, from £1,200, Vi-Spring

    Bespoke bed, from £1,200, Vi-Spring

    'Sleep is precious to me, especially as Nikki and I have just had a baby girl, Twiggy. We wanted a luxurious mattress to sleep on and a timeless style, so we had this bed specially made.'

  • More on Aldo Zilli

    More on Aldo Zilli

    Being Zilli (John Blake Publishing) £17.99, which charts Aldo's life from being farmhouse boy in the Italian mountains to becoming a successful chef running one of London’s most popular restaurants, is out now.