How to make wrapping paper

How to make wrapping paper

Personalise your presents this Christmas and save money by using brown paper, a little imagination and our four inspiring ideas.

  • Decorative writing

    Decorative writing

    1. Cut your paper to fit the present.
    2. Start in the top corner, and write your friend’s name diagonally across the brown paper.
    3. Change the colour of your pen on alternate lines for a striped effect.

    Top tip: Use sparkly glitter pens for kids' presents.

  • Printed wrap

    Printed wrap

    1. Cut the brown paper to A3 size.
    2. Pick photographs of your friends or family and arrange them on the photocopier. Photocopy onto white paper first to check the results.
    3. Carefully feed your A3 sheets of brown paper into the photocopier and print out the personalised wrap.

    Top tip: Iron the paper flat before putting it in the photocopier.

  • Spray paint and stencils

    Spray paint and stencils

    1. To make snowflake templates, cut a circle out of paper and fold into even segments.
    2. Cut shapes out of the folded paper, ensuring you don’t cut off the corner.
    3. Unfold to find your snowflake template and repeat to make several different shapes.
    4. Place the templates on the paper, spacing them evenly, and fix in place with masking tape.
    5. Spray the paper lightly with coloured Plasti-kote spray paint.
    6. Remove the paper templates to reveal the painted silhouette of the snowflake.
    7. Wrap the presents and use matching ribbon to finish.

    Top tip: Cover the table area with newspaper to avoid spraying surfaces.

  • Transform old cards

    Transform old cards

    1. Wrap your presents using the plain brown paper.
    2. Cut out last year’s Christmas cards and glue them in place on the front of the present.
    3. Decorate with matching ribbon.

    Top tip: Ribbons don't need to be tied in bow, glue them down in rows of alternating colours instead.