Fantasy Homes city locations

Fantasy Homes city locations

Catherine Gee and Alistair hunt for top city properties in Paris, Miami, Barcelona, Manchester and London.

  • London


    London is Europe's largest city, but housing is in short supply and competition in the market remains exceptionally fierce. Luckily buyers Mika-John Southworth and Ingrid Clifford Jones have paved the way.

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  • Paris


    This historic city has just over two million inhabitants and its elegant architecture is some of the oldest and most beautiful in Europe - Joanna and Lee Snitzer discover that comes with a price.

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  • Manchester


    The industrial city of the 1800s is now a hip hangout for the urban cool – and there's plenty of potential for would-be buyers Dmitri van Popta and Julia McGill.

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  • Miami


    This city on the ocean has it all, not least sun and sea - ideal for Paul and Melanie Stevens and their two-year-old son.

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  • Barcelona


    With stunning architecture, a lively social scene and glorious beaches, Barcelona has won the heart of buyer Beth Lunn.

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