How to make recycled plant pots

How to make recycled plant pots

You will need:

  • Empty food tins
  • Protective gloves
  • Plasti-kote Satin Super spray paint (available in 20 colours, from £4.98 per 400ml, in most DIY stores)
  • Wire wool

Some tinned foods (especially luxury goods imported from abroad) come in pretty patterned tins. Planted up with culinary herbs, they look fantastic on a bare kitchen window sill and add a bit of rustic flair to the plainest of kitchens. Here's what to do...

Time to complete job: Half an hour plus drying time
Approximate budget: £5

  • Step 1: Spray the tins with paint

    Step 1: Spray the tins with paint

    Collect food tins of all sizes and styles, wash them thoroughly and peel off the labels of standard food tins. Spray an even layer of coloured Plastikote paint on the outside of a few tins. Distress remaining tins with vintage-style designs printed on them by rubbing them with wire wool for a worn look.

  • Step 2: Add the plants

    Step 2: Add the plants

    Pot the herb plants into plastic pots, then place them inside the containers and group together in a display. If you’re planting directly into the tins, punch a few holes at the bottom for drainage and then sit them in trays.