How to use a jigsaw

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How to use a jigsaw

You will need:

  • Jigsaw
  • Various blades
  • Face mask
  • Goggles
  • Work bench

Ever wondered what all those knobs and switches on your jigsaw are for, when all you ever do with it is cut straight lines in wood? Did you know you could cut at any angle through plastic, wood or metal with your saw? Do you know how to tilt the base plate and angle your blade? You'll be a master once you've seen these tips from Handy Andy. Bring on the big projects! You can easily cut them down to size.

  • Step 1: How to angle the base plate

    Step 1: How to angle the base plate

    Some jobs require the base plate of your jigsaw to be set on an angle. To change the angle, remove the allan key from its storage place in the back of the saw. Use it to loosen the small nut under the centre of the base plate. You'll then be able to set it at the desired angle. Tighten the nut to keep the plate in place.

  • Step 2: How to angle the blade

    Step 2: How to angle the blade

    The switch on the side of the jigsaw controls the blade angle. When the switch is horizontal, the blade won't be on an angle. This means the blade will move straight up and down when you saw. To angle the blade, move the switch to a different position. The farther towards vertical you move the switch, the more angled the blade.

    Tip: Angling the blade means that it moves horizontally as well as vertically while you're cutting. If you're sawing across the grain of wood, this can tear up the wood and really make a mess of things. So choose your angle carefully!

  • Step 3: How to cut metal

    Step 3: How to cut metal

    To insert a metal blade, pull the blade release switch across, insert the blade and release the switch. Put on a pair of safety goggles. Position the saw next to the metal to be cut. Saw away.

    Tip: You can identify a metal blade by its very fine teeth.

  • Step 4: How to cut wood

    Step 4: How to cut wood

    Pop a wood blade into position. Put on your goggles. Rest the faceplate on the wood. Saw the wood. Always let the jigsaw do the cutting. Don't force the blade through the wood. If it's not giving you a clean cut make sure your blade is sharp.

    Tip: When cutting MDF, always wear goggles and a face mask and make sure to do the cutting outside.