How to make a cushion cover

How to make a cushion cover

You will need:

  • 1/2 a metre of fabric
  • A pair of scissors
  • A needle and cotton thread
  • Pins
  • Haberdashery bits and bobs such as fabric glue and glitter glue
  • A sewing machine

Soft furnishings and textiles are essential elements of any well-designed interior. However, designer cushions can often leave you out of pocket. Here's how to make a simple, yet stylish cushion cover that will allow you to update the look of any room without breaking the bank.

Time to complete the job: 2 hours
Approximate budget: £20

  • Measure out your fabric

    Measure out your fabric

    Start by measuring the size of your cushion pad. Then, cut one piece of fabric to exactly the same size. This will be the front of your cushion. Lay this face-up on your work surface.

    For the back, cut two pieces of fabric, which are the same height as your cushion pad but only three quarters of the width. Lay them face down on top of the large piece so that all edges meet up with a section overlapping in the middle.

  • Make a seam

    Make a seam

    Take one of the smaller pieces of fabric and make a 1cm (¼ inch) fold on the edge that will lie in the centre of the cushion cover. Fold it over again and use pins to secure it.

    Stitch this seam into place by hand or use the sewing machine.

  • Sew the pieces together

    Sew the pieces together

    With the two smaller pieces of fabric laid on top of the larger one, line up all the edges neatly. Pin or pre-stitch together before going around all four edges with the sewing machine.

    Tip: Before you start sewing, check that your cushion cover is inside out i.e. the side of the fabric that you want to be displayed is not visible.

  • Make the corners pointy

    Make the corners pointy

    If you want clean sharp points on your cushion covers, you'll need to cut away the excess material from the corners. While your cover is still inside out, take your scissors and use two snips to cut a triangle-shaped piece of fabric from each corner.

    Turn the cushion inside out and you should have a perfectly-formed envelope cushion cover.

  • Add details

    Add details

    Finally, add any haberdashery accessories of your choice. Tassles look great stitched onto each corner. You can also add interesting items such as bridal hair details by snipping a small hole in your cover, slipping the accessory through and sewing it together at the back.

    Tip: If you don't want to sew your accessories on to your cushion, use fabric glue.