How to make a stencilled blind

How to make a stencilled blind

You will need:

  • Plain, white fabric blind
  • Stencil
  • Acrylic stencil paint in desired colours
  • Stencil brushes
  • Low-tack masking tape or spray-on adhesive
  • Kitchen roll

Take one simple white fabric blind, a stencil and a bit of paint and the result is a gorgeous, personalized window statement that will happily make any room bloom. Just a few soft, romantic touches can make all the difference.

Time to complete the job: 1 hour, depending on the design.
Approximate budget: Stencils from £6.50; acrylic stencil paint from £2.95 for 60ml; stencil brushes from £2.50

  • Position your stencil on the blind

    Position your stencil on the blind

    Plan your stencil design carefully before starting to apply the paint - make sure there's room for the pattern if you want it to repeat!

    Attach your stencil to the blind with masking tape or low-tack spray-on adhesive. The stencil should be secure, but you should be able to lift it and reposition it without applying more adhesive at least two or three times.

    Tip: If using spray-on adhesive be sure to spray lightly - to avoid leaving any marks on the fabric.

  • Prepare the paint

    Prepare the paint

    Shake the paint and pour a small amount of each desired colour onto a paint palette or some old jar lids.

    Tip: Try to use a separate stencil brush for each paint colour - you don't want to mix and muddy the colours. Stencil brushes come in a number of different sizes, so try to use the size suitable for the stencil style.

  • Apply the paint to the stencil brush

    Apply the paint to the stencil brush

    Place a small amount of paint onto the stencil brush and then swirl it vigorously on some kitchen towel. This distributes the paint through the brush and allows for a light and even application.

    Tip: Dab at the kitchen towel a few times with the brush - if the paint leaves a light stipple effect then it's ready to be applied to the blind.

  • Apply the paint to the blind

    Apply the paint to the blind

    Carefully start to apply the paint to the appropriate areas of the stencil. You can lightly swirl the brush through the openings, or gently dab at the stencil until you get complete coverage.

    Tip: The idea is to get a gradual build up of colour - so be patient if you need two or three coats to get the desired intensity of colour. You know you're applying the paint with a light enough hand if the paint dries on the blind almost immediately. This will ensure that the paint doesn't bleed under the lines of the stencil.

  • Remove the stencil

    Remove the stencil

    When you've completed the stencil with all the desired colours, make sure the paint is dry then carefully lift the stencil off the blind.

    Reposition as desired and repeat the stencilling process if you want a repeating design. When finished, wash your stencil brushes and palette in hot, soapy water.

    Let dry completely, then hang the blind as desired!