How to make eyelet curtains

How to make eyelet curtains

You will need:

  • Curtain fabric
  • Eyelet-headed curtain tape
  • Back rings (for attaching)
  • Scissors and sewing equipment
  • Matching thread
  • Curtain pole

Eyelet curtains make an eye-catching alternative to a more traditional gathered heading. Metal or plastic eyelets are threaded onto a curtain pole, the curtains are moved by hand and the eyelets form soft pleats when drawn back. This project uses eyelet headed tape - instead of punching the eyelets by hand - so you can make these modern-looking curtains in no time at all.

Time to complete the job: Approximately three hours.
Approximate budget: £40 or less, depending on the fabric used.

Tip: Choose lightweight or medium-weight fabric that won't hang too heavily.

  • Step 1: Measuring & cutting out

    Step 1: Measuring & cutting out

    Measure the window for the desired width and length of the curtains. For the finished curtain width, measure from one end of the curtain track to the other (adding the length of the overlap arm if necessary). The overall fabric width will be the final curtain width multiplied by 2.

    Add 16cm (6.25in) to the curtain length to allow for hemming.
    Cut out the fabric.

    Tip: Using eyelet headed tape means you can't alter the position of the eyelets, so make sure you make the finished width of the curtains match the positioning of the eyelets, not vice versa. Otherwise you could end up with an eyelet hanging off the end.

  • Step 2: Finishing the edges

    Step 2: Finishing the edges

    Place material wrong side up. Fold over the long edges 0.75cm (0.3in) to the wrong side and press. Then fold another 1.5cm (0.6in) and stitch in place.

    Hem the bottom edge by folding over 3 inches to the wrong side, then another 7.5cm (3in). Press and hand stitch in place.

    Finish the top edge by turning under 0.75cm (0.3in) to the wrong side. Press and stitch in place.

    Repeat for the second curtain.

    Tip: Use a slip stitch to make an invisible hem.

  • Step 3: Preparing the eyelet tape

    Step 3: Preparing the eyelet tape

    Attach the tape to the top edge of the curtain, following the manufacturer's instructions.

    Through the eyelet holes, cut with scissors corresponding holes in the fabric to attach the backing rings.

    Clip on the backing rings securely.

  • Step 4: Finishing

    Step 4: Finishing

    Thread the backing rings through the curtain pole.

    Reattach the curtain pole to the wall.