On TV: First Homes

Gaby Roslin follows property virgins taking their first steps onto the property ladder in this new series, exclusive to the Home channel. From exciting house viewings to nail-biting offers, she joins property buyers on their rollercoaster journeys.

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On TV: First Homes

Presenter Gaby Roslin

Singletons, couples and friends aim to make their mark on the housing market in this brand new 15-part series, which is exclusive to the Home channel. From picturesque cottages in Glasgow to character seaside houses in Brighton, Gaby establishes the type of home each contributor is looking for with budgets ranging from £80k - £300k. Will they find their dream home?

Buying a first property is a daunting and challenging experience but help is at hand throughout the show with useful tips and information provided from start to finish.

Our First Homes Survey
To celebrate the launch of the show, we commissioned a survey, to give a comprehensive overview of first time buying in Britain, with some surprising results.

  • 65% of British adults home ownership is now viewed as the most important life goal, taking precedence over getting married, having children, or pursuing a career. Of those, 24% see owning a home as a good investment

  • 23% feel that owning their own home would give them a chance to start a family and 18% of people are fed up with lining the pockets of landlords.

  • Four out of ten (45%), said saving money for their first deposit was a priority, setting aside an average of £169 every month. A third (33%) of these, believe it will take them between three and five years to raise all the money they need.

  • Nearly two thirds (65%) of respondents said they viewed the first time buying process as a daunting and challenging experience with a staggering 88% being put off from buying their first home because of financial hurdles.

  • 60% of participants said they were finding it difficult to save for a deposit and 46% were unsure that they would even be able to obtain a mortgage.

  • When asked what sort of property they hoped to buy, 4 out of ten (38%) participants said they wanted a flat, with two bedrooms (45%) and off street parking (46%), near good transport links (57%) and a big supermarket (55%). Interestingly, just 36% of people asked would consider a renovation project.