10 reasons we love Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Only the hardest of hearts could fail to be moved by the incredible work of the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition team. Each show is a festival of emotion and, with so many good deeds being done, it’s no wonder it’s so popular. But what is it that really makes it such a phenomenon? This is why we love it…

10 reasons we love Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

1. Ty Pennington
Armed with his trusty megaphone and a mission to transform people’s lives, Ty never fails to bring happiness to all those he surprises. It’s his energy and enthusiasm that drives the makeovers along, even when it looks as though they could be heading for total disaster. We love it when he comes up with wacky projects to inflict on the long-suffering designers – and the crazier the better.

2. The stories
The best drama comes from seeing good folks triumph over tragedy to find happiness again. The people who are picked by Extreme Makeover: Home Edition endure the most unbelievable misfortune – often through disability, natural disaster or accident – but still find a way to live a positive life and give back to the communities they live in. They are, without exception, incredible examples of bravery and hope. Watching their stories is inspiring and moving – and makes this show a guaranteed tearjerker every time.

3. The design team
Ty couldn’t make these transformations happen all by himself and in his design team, he’s got top people who love a challenge. Well, that’s unless it’s Pauly DiMeo, who never tires of rolling his eyes at the boss’ latest nutty idea. Glam girls Paige Hemmis, Jillian Harris and Leigh Anne Tuohy keep the boys in line and are always guaranteed to bring gorgeous ideas to the table. Meanwhile, it falls to Xzibit, Ed Sanders and Michael Moloney give every project their all, even if they do enjoy a bit of tomfoolery along the way.

4. The megaphone
Sometimes news is so good, you’ve got to make sure the whole world hears it. That’s why it would be so wrong for Ty to announce the arrival of the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition team in any other way. When you spot Ty Pennington rushing towards you brandishing a megaphone, you are guaranteed to spend a week somewhere gorgeous before returning home to an awesome new house. That makes this particular megaphone an item we all dream of hearing our names boom out of!

5. The local support
As wonderful as the design team is, it takes an incredible amount of manpower to make any of these projects really succeed. What’s great about this show is that it sources people locally to help. The builders are from nearby firms, the community pitches in and the whole team just goes to show that people are still willing to pull together in order to make a neighbour’s dream come true. We reckon David Cameron watched an EMHE marathon before he announced the Big Society initiative because, clearly, he’s nicked that idea from Ty.

6. The celebrity guests
A little bit of star power can go a long way – and the calibre of famous faces bring real glitz to the show. In season eight alone, we saw Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Kylie Minogue, Shaquille O’Neal, Mariah Carey, Keith Urban and Rob Zombie among those getting involved. Whether its entertaining the families while their houses are being done up, masterminding parts of the design or even, in the case of the kids from Modern Family, rolling their sleeves up and getting their hands dirty, these celebs add extra sparkle to the proceedings.

7. The transformations
Making a house beautiful requires more than just slapping paint on some walls and throwing a few scatter cushions about. The Extreme Makeover: Home Edition team ensure they really talk to the families involved and dream up makeovers that completely reflect their passions and personalities. It’s always a wow moment when the results are unveiled – whether it’s a modern masterpiece or vintage-inspired visions. But the best thing for the families is knowing just how much the care and attention has been given to make their home perfect for them.

8. Move that bus!
The sight of the massive EMHE bus powering down the road towards an unsuspecting family is a great thing. But after the excitement of their house being the destination, most of those involved can’t wait to see the back of it. When the chant of “Move that bus!” goes up, it’s a stupendously exciting moment for everyone involved. It allows them all to get a piece of the action as the latest creation is unveiled. And better still, you can shout along from the privacy of your own home when no one else is about!

9. The reactions
The best moment of every programme is seeing the utter joy on the faces of those chosen to have their home makeover dream come true. After watching their heart-warming stories unfold, it’s incredible to see people’s lives changed so dramatically in an instant. Parents are unburdened of some of their worst worries, children are gifted with a wonderful place to grow up and those who truly deserve a break finally get one.

10. The tears
It doesn’t matter how many Extreme Makeover: Home Editions you watch, the tears will always flow at some point. When Ty and the design team watch the application videos, there is often waterworks – and that’s even before they meet the people they are about to help. But when the families have that moment of clarity as they wander speechless around their majestic new homes, the tears really begin to flow – and that’s just from us watching! There really isn’t a better way to feel inspired, moved and reduced to tears for all the right reasons.