Nick Knowles' Original Features: Church Cottage in Portishead

Nick Knowles' Original Features, exclusive to Home, returns for a second series. Watch as he helps homeowners uncover the history of their homes.

Nick Knowles' Original Features: Church Cottage in Portishead

Nichola and James Farthing moved into Church Cottage in Portishead 4 years ago and have always had grand plans for it. But with a young family and busy working lives, Nichola and James have been struggling to find the time to make their mark on the property.

Nick Knowles visits Nichola and James at their lovely Victorian Cottage, and inspires them with some traditional glass crafts to help get their renovation underway. And after studying the history of the house, Nick finds out that the house is a little older than they thought and introduces them to some of the previous residents of the house, in person

Items supplied:
Antique furniture workshop, Antique Furniture Workshop
Reclamation yard, Robert Mills
Stained glass, Lucian Stained Glass
Picture frames, Niche Frames
Dresser drawer handles, Miles Architectural Iromongery Ltd
Joinery, Kitto Joinery
Construction, Okoloko Construction
Fireplace, Bains Fireplaces
Glass cutter, James Witchell