How to make a simple draught excluder

Save on heating bills this winter by keeping your home free on those chilly winter winds, with an easy to make, simple draught excluder.

How to make a simple draught excluder

You will need...

  • A piece of rectangular material, at least 50cm wide and 8cm longer than the width of your door.
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread.
  • A pair of tights
  • Pins
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Stuffing (this can be anything from rice to polystyrene balls)

Step 1: Prepare your material
Iron your material flat and fold it in half lengthways so that the pattern is on the inside. Fold over each edge by about a centimetre to ensure there are no raw edges. Secure it in place with pins.

Step 2: Sew your material together
Sew up the length of the rectangle, ensuring you stay as close to where the two edges meet as possible.

Step 3: Stitch one end closed
Turn the material inside out so the pattern is now on the outside. Fold one of the open ends over like you would a present (using 4cm of the fabric) and stitch it closed.

Step 4: Make your stuffing
Take your pair of tights and cut off one of the legs so it is just a few centimetres shorter than your draught excluder. Fill it with your stuffing and tie a knot in the end.

Step 5: Stitch the final end shut
Put the stuffed tight inside the draught excluder and fold over the other end (as before) and stitch it shut.

And once you've mastered this basic version, you'll be able to make all sorts of draught excluding friends like this stripey dog! A very cute way of stopping those pesky winter winds.