How to decorate a fireplace

Whether you own a period property that boasts an ornate, original fireplace or you’ve got a new build with a modern, marble surround, here are some top tips for making sure your fireplace is the jewel in your room’s crown, rather than a thorn in your side!

How to decorate a fireplace

How to decorate a fireplace. Image by Dunelm Mill.

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Declutter your fireplace
If you're lucky enough to have a large fireplace, don’t be tempted to dress it with small ornaments and knick knacks as it will only look cluttered and they will quickly gather dust. Less is definitely more. Choose fewer and larger accessories that complement the rest of the room. Try a few candlesticks or a cluster of elegant glassware for a chic and stylish look.

Fill the hearth
If you have a fireplace but it is purely decorative and cannot be lit or you’re simply saving on your heating bills, don’t leave the hearth empty. An empty fireplace can make a room seem cold and uninviting. Make the empty grate stylish and welcoming by dressing it with stacked logs or driftwood. Or, you could consider buying an ornamental fireguard to hide the empty space.

Hang a statement mirror or clock
Fireplaces just lend themselves to having a large mirror or statement clock above them. If you decide to go for a mirror, choose one which complements your scheme, be it modern, contemporary or eclectic. If you opt to feature a clock, ensure you choose one which is big enough to not get lost in the empty wall space above your mantel piece and again, make sure it works with the rest of your scheme. If you’re not keen on featuring either a clock or a mirror, you can always hang a piece of your favourite artwork in the same space. The options are endless!

Paint the wall
You don’t just have to accessorise the fireplace itself, you can also focus on the wall behind it. Using an accent paint colour or patterned wallpaper, make the wall around your fireplace into a ‘statement wall’. This is guaranteed to make your room pop and give the fireplace more presence within the space.

Complement your exsistng scheme
As a fireplace is a natural focal point within a room, it should help tie your scheme together and be a talking point for all the right reasons. Make sure any accessories you do choose to dress it with, complement your overall scheme.

Choose tiles carefully
If you’ve got a lacklustre room that boasts a fireplace, don’t be tempted to try and improve it by using raised motif tiles. Your fireplace will quickly go from boring, to just plain tasteless! A well chosen tile can completely transform a room so get inspiration from magazines and look books before carefully choosing a tile that will make your room stylish and your fireplace into the heart of the space.