The New Reclaimers

Sourcing reclaimed household items that are stylish and affordable has been a secret world that many haven’t taken advantage of. But now, that’s all about to change…

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The New Reclaimers

The New Reclaimers, Dan Hill and Charis Williams

Weekdays, 10pm, from Monday 5th September

Dan Hill and Charis Williams reclaim excess product, or so-called 'waste', from some of the UK's biggest property developers. Everything from baths to sinks, tiles to tables, whole kitchens to conservatories, brick floors to windows... they're all reusable stock that can be sold on to customers.

In this five part series, Dan and Charis pass on their knowledge to transform family homes around the country for a fraction of the cost quoted by professional building companies.

For each home they visit, Dan and Charis transform two rooms – a main room and a secondary room – in only ways they can. By using building company contacts and their intimate knowledge of where to find recycled gems, they source the materials at low or no cost and get to work on giving lucky homes a makeover.

With purse strings and budgets tighter than ever, it's time to reclaim, recycle and remake. Waste not want not.