Garden design: Transform a blank canvas on a budget

This layout is ideal for first time buyers who are often faced with a blank canvas and want to make their mark. Read Charlie Dimmock's top-tips and download the budget garden design PDF to discover how to design your garden without spending much money.

Garden design: Transform a blank canvas on a budget

Transform a blank garden canvas on a budget

Charlie Dimmock says, “The key design, with wooden railway sleepers set into the lawn and simple pergola, provides a dynamic shape to really unlock the garden’s potential without the need for expensive landscaping.

"Herbaceous perennials have been used for planting as these are less expensive than shrubs.”

Download the budget garden design PDF for advice on:

  • A garden design layout
  • Equipment and planting checklist
  • Tips on how to choose shrubs
  • Advice on protecting garden furniture
    This garden design layout template is courtesy of Ronseal.

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