How to make a floral cupcake arrangement

The aim of this design is to recreate a sugary pink confection that looks almost like a three-tiered wedding cake. It would make a delightful focal point as the table centrepiece for a summer tea party, garden or hen party, baby shower, or even a christening, and the colour or variety of flowers can, of course, change according to the reason for the celebration.

How to make a floral cupcake arrangement

This floral cupcake display looks good enough to eat

How to make a spring flower arrangement

If you don’t have a wire cupcake stand
such as this, use a tiered glass or ceramic cake stand and weave a couple of trails of ivy around the stem of the handle or the base. Any leftover blooms can be arranged in pretty teacups and used as individual place settings at the table. The blooms should last for five days if you keep the flowers in good condition.

New floral style ideas

Step 1
To cover the central stem of the stand, cut a block of soaked floral foam into lengths that will fit in between the tiers of the stand. Cut each length in half, place the two halves on either side of the stem, and press them together. If necessary, tape the two pieces together with florist’s tape to secure them. Pin pieces of flat moss over the foam to hide it, then wrap the ivy trails around the moss-covered foam.

Step 2
Half-fill each tea light holder with water. Cut the flower stems down so that the flower heads sit just above the rim of each tea light holder. Arrange enough blooms to cover the cake stand (odd numbers look better).

Step 3
Arrange the flowers in their tea light holders on the stand in a random way – don’t worry about putting big blooms at the bottom and the smallest at the top, as this all-round arrangement looks better if it is quite organic.

This project is taken from Flower Arranging by Mark Welford and Stephen Wicks, published by DK, priced £20.