My Flat-Pack Home: Episodes & stockists

Amanda Lamb follows contributors as they build their flat-pack properties. See below for stockist details.

My Flat-Pack Home: Episodes & stockists

The Cobbins appear on My Flat-Pack Home with presenter, Amanda Lamb.

Ep 1 – Stott
Jane Stott builds a new oak-framed, three-bedroomed cottage in the countryside.
Suppliers: Borderoak, Russell Alexander, Clearview Ludlow, Elanbach.

Ep 2 – The Cobbins
Terry and Sharon Cobbins build a flat-pack home for the second time! They’ve opted for a 4-bedroom cottage-style property.
Suppliers: Clearview / Opulence,
Potton and Moben.

Ep 3 – The Leightons
Nick and Vicky Leighton embark on their third self-build - a stylish garden office.
Suppliers: InIt Studios, Garden Lodges, Home Lodges, Bark Joinery, Hafele, Swift Foundations and Bauder.

Ep 4 – The Edwards
Kay Edwards finally gets the beach hut of her dreams. She builds an 8-foot-by-6-foot beach hut in just 8 weeks.
Suppliers: UK Beach Huts, Suffolk Sheds and Leslie Atkins.

Ep 5 - Roper
Lindsay Roper runs Pennylands B&B in the Cotswolds. She'd like to expand her business by building a log cabin in the gardens surrounding her house. She orders a traditional wooden cabin with double rooms and a veranda.
Suppliers: Keops Interlock, Log Cabin UK Ltd and Ludlow Ecolog Cabins.

Ep 6 - The Brittons
Husband and wife farmers Mike and Alison Britton build the first home they will ever own on the land they have farmed in Tiverton, Devon, for over 30 years.
Suppliers: Lodgico.

Ep 7 – The Godolphins
Mat, Anntte and their two children have run out of space in their three-bed home. They decide a garden room could be the answer to their problems.
Suppliers: Wentworth Garden Rooms, Habitat, Alturn Limited, Hobbans Timberworks and Home Lodges.

Ep 8 - The Harveys
Horse-mad couple Maria and Gilbert Harvey realise their lifelong dream to build a three-bed period home with stables in the wilds of the Leicestershire countryside.
Suppliers: Borderoak.

Ep 9 – The Fearns
Amanda Lamb meets classic car enthusiasts Brian and Gill Fearn as they build a flat-pack deluxe garage for their pride and joy – two beautiful Aston Martin cars.
Suppliers: Courtyard Designs, Suffolk Sheds and Warwick Garages.

Ep 10 – The Lowsley-Williams
Ben, Charlotte and son Sam decide to build a New England-style studio in their garden.
Suppliers: Crane, London Garden Studios and Keops Interlock.

Ep 11 – The Wilsons
Gordon and Erika Wilson build a German designed timber frame detached 4-bedroom home with an open plan lounge diner and kitchen.
Suppliers: Hanse Haus.

Ep 12 - The Lyes
Jonathan and Alison dream of build their family home where Alison grew up in Surrey. Planning restrictions limit how big they can build – will they be happy with the results?
Suppliers: Borderoak, Dakin, The Wooden Kitchen Company and Res Devon

Ep13 – The Craggs
A father and son team hope to build a large contemporary home in the stunning landscape of the island of Anglesey. Having never self built before, they’ve decided to project manage the construction themselves.
Suppliers: Danwood and New Build Group UK.

Ep 14 – The Morrises
A young couple build their first flat-pack home in an idyllic spot on the Isle of Mull.
Suppliers: Skye Homes and I Want One Of Those.

Ep 15 – The Bryants
Gina and Andy Bryant are building a treehouse for their two children - Edmund and Maybelle. The idea is Gina’s. Since she was a little girl she dreamed of having a ‘real’ tree-house.
High Life Treehouses, GDTimberdesigns, Flights of Fantasy, Rainbow Play Systems.

Ep 16 – The Allotts
A retired couple who have decided to downsize – by building a contemporary flat-pack bungalow in their back garden.
Suppliers: Danwood.

Ep 17 – Simpson
A seasoned businessman who is helping his young apprentice build a flat-pack holiday chalet for his family and to rent out.
Suppliers: Sipit Scotland.