Styling a boudoir bedroom

Parisian apartments boast lofty, vaulted ceilings and beautifully intricate decorative architectural details, but if you live in a modern, boxy home, you can make even the most modest of rooms look decadent and luxurious by using a few grand illusions.

Styling a boudoir bedroom

Design dilemma:

I have a very boxy modern bedroom and I want to give it an elegant Parisian boudoir look. Any ideas?

Design solution:

If your walls don't already have any cornicing or dado rails, invest in ready-mitred, traditionally shaped lengths of architrave and apply it to your walls using a strong glue. You could even opt for lightweight white polystyrene dados and cornice (found at DIY stores) that are even easier to fit.

Paint them in an austere, traditional shade such as slate grey and choose a deep, jewel colour for the walls such intense regal orange. This colour scheme is both sexy and exotic without being too girly. If you have the budget, look for an exquisite antique bed with gilt headboard for the ultimate extravagant Baroque-style focal point. If you can't afford an antique, invest in a reproduction, French bateau-style bed and give it a gilt paint finish. Dress the bed with sumptuous satin and silk quilts and bedlinen, and add to the boudoir look using a luxurious mix of cushions and bolsters embroidered with Oriental flowers.

Look around junk shops for vintage style gold frames and elegant vases painted with intensely coloured florals. Chinese black lacquer furniture looks fantastic in this scheme too. Another clever trick to create the illusion of grandeur is to install decadent details such as gilt chandeliers and wall sconces dripping in gorgeous crystals.