Design a glam dressing room

Ever dreamt of having your very own dressing room? Complete with Hollywood-style mirror and all the shoe space a girl could need? We've got practical advice and style tips that won't require a film-star salary.

Design a glam dressing room

Design a glam dressing room

Design dilemma:

My wife would love our box room to be turned into a dressing/make-up room. I need some ideas for designs and exactly what type of furniture to put in there. My wife would like silver, pink and white and I want to use these colours to do something striking.

Design solution:

If you're creating a walk-in dressing room then you really need to think about your choice of storage solutions before you even put together a colour scheme. It's crucial to invest in the right wardrobe and cupboard system so that you make the best use of the space and make sure that everything, from shoes to smalls, has its place.

Before you decorate, take a look at customised wardrobe systems – they can be tailored to suit your unique requirements and fitted from wall to wall, floor to ceiling, making space work harder. Be sure to include pull-down hanging rails, tidy shoe rails and belt racks.

As for your colour scheme, start with white doors as they would fit the scheme that your wife wants and will also bounce light around the room if it suffers from light deprivation.

Avoid putting anything too bold on the floor – opt for a neutral cream carpet that will go with anything should you ever decide to change the pink colour-scheme. Leave one wall free of wardrobes – this can be the designated dressing table 'pamper zone'. Here's where you can add your colour.

Paint this wall a Schiaparelli hot pink or decorate with a striking pink wallpaper, keeping the rest of the space white. Add silver in the form of a brushed steel Venetian blind at the window and use silver leaf on cheap wooden picture frames to give them a grand, luxury look. Display pink flower shots in the frames.

As for the dressing table itself, simply hang a white floating shelf on the wall, place a little white stool underneath and display your 'Hollywood' style mirror above.