Kim and Aggie's household cleaning tips

There's really no excuse for a grubby house. You don't even need to invest in any expensive products - a little elbow grease will go a long way to making sure you've got a sparkling clean home to be proud of. Read our dirt-busting cleaning tips from Kim and Aggie...

Kim and Aggie's household cleaning tips

Kim Woodburn and Aggie MacKenzie

Removing carpet stains
Entertaining can mean nasty spills and stains on your carpets. To remove these mop up as much of the spill as you can with a few dry sheets of paper towel and smack them with the flat of your hand to soak up the stain, until you see it fading. Then take three sheets of paper towel and put them in cold water – lay them flat on the stain and smack with the flat of your hand. Then use dry paper towel and stamp on them to soak up the water. Don’t wait until the stain is dry or it will take you four times longer – clean as it happens and you can’t go wrong!

Make your glassware sparkle
Wash glasses in a plastic bowl in your sink with a little washing-up liquid. For the final rinse use warm water with a couple of drops of vinegar then gently buff dry with a cloth.

Removing washing machine mould
If your washing machine door seal has become black and mouldy (due to constantly washing at low temperatures), douse a cloth in clear vinegar and wipe over

How to remove candle wax
To remove wax from wood, heat an iron and cut a piece of brown parcel paper and put the soft side onto the wood. Place three sheets of paper towel on top of the parcel paper and take the hot iron and just tickle it on to the paper, hardly touching it so as not to spoil the wood – don’t press hard! You will see the wax has been absorbed by the parcel paper.

Cleaning the BBQ
Get cleaning while the BBQ is still warm from the fire. First sprinkle bicarbonate of soda over the grill to act as a natural deodoriser. Then take some tin foil rolled into a ball and scrub the grill as hard as you can. Wipe off the excess until the grill is shiny and clean!

Removing hard food from pet bowls
Avoid encrusted, hard-to-shift deposits of dog or cat food by rubbing the inside of the feeding bowl with a little vegetable oil. It'll slide off much more easily and perhaps help give your pet a glossier coat!

Removing bird poo
Bird poo on the window of your home or car? Wipe it away using a couple of sheets of paper towel, moistened with vinegar and dry with a fresh sheet.