Moving house checklist

Moving home is said to be one of the most stressful events in life, so it helps to have a checklist to make sure things run smoothly. Here's our moving house checklist to follow in the run-up to the move, so you can make sure everything runs like clockwork.

Moving house checklist

Moving house checklist

Top tips for packing

  • Pack heavy items like books in smaller boxes.
  • Wrap paper or card into tubes around your pot plants to prevent damage to the leaves.
  • Invest in wardrobe boxes if your mover supplies them - they save you having to pack your clothes into suitcases and rehanging on the other side.
  • Only remove heavy, spillable or breakable items from chests of drawers. Your movers will move them as they are.
  • Don't forget to recycle your packing boxes or Freecycle them for someone else to use.

One month to go

  • Start packing away things you do not need on a day-to-day basis. Keep fragile items together, wrapped thoroughly with bubblewrap, and mark the boxes carefully to ensure can ensure they do not get heavier items dumped on top of them. Label all your boxes by room with a brief description of the contents - that way you can unload them straight into the correct rooms and unpack your new home in the right order.

  • Book a removal service. Try Move Me or Help I Am Moving for quotes. If you are planning to do it yourself, book your van hire and start collecting large boxes.

  • Cancel or transfer any TV packages or internet contracts you subscribe to, as you may need to give notice. Don't forget to cancel or switch your home insurance cover to the new property too.

  • Use price comparison sites such as Moneysupermarket, and Comparethemarket to find the best deals from utilities providers for your new home.

  • If you are not switching providers, just transferring the contract, make life easy for yourself by using a free change of address service like which contacts all your service providers for you.

  • Update the address on your driving license and on your vehicle registration documents with the DVLA or you could be fined £1,000.

  • You also need to notify your car insurer, which may incur an admin fee or a higher premium if the parking location is not as safe - but failing to do so could render your cover invalid in the event of a accident.

  • Apply for a permit for your new home if it is in a residential parking zone, as it is easy to forget on the day of the move and you could end up with an expensive parking ticket.

  • Register with a new doctor, dentist and optician in the local area.

  • Contact your local council tax office to register.

  • Register your change of address on the electoral roll, so you do not miss out on the opportunity to vote. Visit About my Vote for more info.

  • Get your TV license changed to your new address. Not having a valid license could cost you a £1,000 fine.

    Two weeks to go
  • Arrange for your telephone contract to be transferred. BT requires two week's notice but will transfer your phone number for free if there is already a BT line installed in your new property.

  • Contact the local council for the property you are leaving to see if you are entitled to a rebate on any unused months of residential parking there.

  • Make sure to cancel any remaining direct debits you no longer need.
  • Check if you are entitled to any rebates on council tax, water or electricity, because of the way payments are spread over the year.

  • Cancel or re-arrange newspaper/milk/organic food delivery oders.

  • Sell off unwanted clothes, books or furniture at a car boot sale or on eBay, in order to make some cash for decorating your new home. Or, simply donate to charity.

  • Send change of address cards to friends and family or notify them by email of your move.

    Final countdown
  • Contact your local council to see if you can get a couple of parking bays in front of your house suspended, so that the removal van can park close to the house.

  • Defrost the freezer and book a plumber to disconnect the washing machine.
  • Take a final reading for your gas, electricity and water meter – if you have one.

  • Print forwarding address labels for the new tenants or owners to pass on your mail. Royal Mail's redirection service will send post to your new address for at least a year. Apply at Royal Mail.

  • Pack the box of cleaning products last, as you may want to do a quick whizz around your old property before you leave and you will probably need it as soon as you step into your new home.

  • Shred unwanted papers to reduce the risk of identity theft.

  • Pack an overnight bag of essential items ready for your arrival, such as a change of clothes washbag, tools, toilet roll, tea and washing up liquid.

    For more help with moving visit: Help I Am Moving or Direct Gov.