Garden party decorating ideas

Whenever the British weather decides to be sunny and warm, throwing a garden party for your friends and family is a lovely way to spend the day. Whether you host a barbecue, afternoon tea or evening cocktails, try our cheap and cheerful garden decoration ideas that are guaranteed to help your garden party go with a bang!

Garden party decorating ideas

Garden party decoration ideas.

Quick tips

  • Make your guests a gift to take away like a pot plant from one of your own garden cuttings.
  • Keep the bugs at bay with citronella incense sticks or scented candles.
  • Stop the table cloth blowing away by attaching clip-on table weights.
  • Recycled bottles make great single stem vases and you won't mind too much if they get broken.

Casual buffet-style dining
For an informal buffet or barbecue, make your own bunting using pages out of magazines, newspapers or patterned wrapping paper – the more mismatched and eclectic the better. Simply cut out symmetrical diamonds of paper and fold them in half to create double-sided triangles. Loop them over a very long ribbon or piece of coloured string and glue the two triangles together.

A traditional picnic blanket is ideal for relaxed dining, but a large tablecloth will also do the trick. Tie up bundles of individual cutlery sets for each guest with raffia or coloured ribbons and use plastic glasses and crockery to prevent breakages.

For a child-friendly family gathering why not go for a Mad Hatter's tea party theme with lots of mismatched cups, plenty of chintzy teapots and multi-coloured iced cupcakes? Thread a pack of cheap playing cards together with string and attach them to branches for the full Alice-in-Wonderland experience.

Elegant al fresco entertaining
For more grown-up and sophisticated garden entertaining, stylish table dressing will give your party the edge. Whether it's a posh afternoon tea or a balmy summer evening supper, a centrepiece of freshly cut flowers and candles will create a sense of occasion. Wind long flower stems and vines into a wide glass vase or globe-shaped goldfish bowl or alternatively use floating candles and flower heads in a basin of water. Scattering petals, skeleton leaves or coloured paper butterflies over the table will work well with the natural outdoor surroundings.

For a more exotic look, combine dark wood furnishings with brightly coloured table linen in magenta, violet and turquoise. Adorn the table with tropical pot plants as a centrepiece. A table runner in paper or fabric will create cohesion. For place settings that double as napkin rings, use alphabet beads threaded onto a piece of coloured wire to spell out guests' names. Have a look at our al fresco dining ideas for more inspiration.

Garden lighting
Atmospheric lighting will give your cocktail party or evening barbecue the wow factor. Use garden flares, lanterns or fairylights to create a lit pathway for your guests so they do not stumble in the dark. Tealights in jars or candleholders are a practical way to mark out a garden staircase as well as creating a stunning tiered light display. Decorate your trees with mini lanterns attached with wire loops. Have a look at our garden lighting design gallery.

Mini sparklers and edible flowers are a beautiful way to garnish a cocktail. Pansies are ideal because they come in many colour combinations. It's best to grow your own so you can be sure they haven't been sprayed with any chemicals or buy them from a specialist food shop not a florist. Chop citrus fruits into wedges and freeze them for a fruity alternative to ice cubes. Create an outdoor fridge to store the beer and wine in by sealing an outdoor metal bin with bathroom sealant and filling it up with ice and water.

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