Decorating a kitchen on budget

Believe it or not, it is possible to give your kitchen a make-over without spending thousands of pounds. Give tired fixtures and fittings a new lease of life and create a stylish new cooking space with these creative budget kitchen design ideas.

Decorating a kitchen on budget

Decorating a kitchen on budget.

Tips for a budget kitchen fix

  • Try your hand at flower arranging and brighten up your kitchen table.
  • Line your drawers with patterned wallpaper and paint the insides of your cupboards for a surprise burst of colour.
  • Rethink your storage by putting away unsightly objects and displaying beautiful pieces. Decorate shelves with pretty ceramics and jars of colourful dried foods and spices.
  • For a touch of greenery, create a window sill herb garden. It will make your kitchen feel fresh.

Painting kitchen walls
It’s an obvious option, but giving your kitchen a fresh lick of paint in a trendy colour scheme will instantly update your kitchen. For the price of a couple of tins of paint you could dramatically change the look and feel of the room. Not only will it transform the room, but paint will also cover up grimy walls and cooking stains that are bound to build up over time.

Before you pick up a paint brush, think carefully about the type of kitchen colour scheme you want, as this will dramatically affect the feel of the room. Neutral colours for example, work better in small kitchens as they create a much lighter, brighter and spacious feel while blues and green create a cool and calming atmosphere. For more design advice, read our article on choosing a kitchen colour scheme, plus read our practical tips on how to paint a room.

Create a kitchen feature wall
A great way of decorating a kitchen on a budget is to create a feature wall. Not only will this save on costs but will create a stylish focal point in your newly decorated kitchen. Chose a bold, striking paint colour or wallpaper for maximum affect. If you do decide to wallpaper, ensure the type you chose if water resistant or splash-proof. If you need some design inspiration, take a look at our kitchen wallpaper design ideas.

Brighten up cupboard doors
Replacing kitchen cupboards and units can be very expensive, so save your money and update your existing ones instead. Instantly revamp cupboards by painting cupboard door and replacing new door knobs or handles. This is a quick and easy way of instantly changing the mood of your kitchen. Swap old cupboard door handles for more contemporary designs or, depending on your taste, select traditional doorknobs for a country-classic feel. Also, why not think about wallpapering the back inside wall as well in a striking colour or pattern?

If you’re cupboard doors are beyond help, then you could replace the doors alone leaving the rest of the unit tact. For more tips read our article on how to update kitchen cupboards, which offers advice on how to prepare doors for painting, as well as tips on the best type of paint to use. Solid wood timber doors, for example, need to sanded and primed before you paint with gloss or egg shell.

Create a splashback
A tiled splashback behind your hob cooker is another great way of updating your kitchen and is relatively inexpensive. If the rest of your kitchen design is fairly plain or neutral, make the splash back the focal point by creating a mosaic or patterned design. To keep costs down, buy cheaper plain tiles and a smaller amount of more expensive patterned tiles, which you can then space out in your design. Another option is to choose a length of trendy wallpaper and cover it with a sheet of Perspex. Then simply screw tightly to the wall. If you’re considering a splash back, take a look at our ideas for kitchen splashbacks, or watch our video guide on how to tile, – which includes tips on preparation, cutting and laying tiles and grouting.

If you already have a tiled splashback, but it’s starting to look grimy then consider regrouting your tiles for a cleaner look. Don’t automatically opt for white – you can buy coloured options these days as well, which is a great way of adding some interest if you have plainer tiles.

Refresh kitchen floor
Flooring can be expensive to replace, but it’s beyond repair there are cheaper options available. Vinyl flooring is one of the cheapest option and one of the easiest to replace. If you like the look of floor tiles, but can’t afford ceramic, slate or stone – then you can cheat buy laying faux stone vinyl tiles instead. Take a look at our kitchen flooring design ideas for some examples and read our advice on choosing kitchen flooring for more tips.

If your current vinyl flooring is in good condition, but you want to update it then you can buy good quality floor paints to give it a fresh new look. You can find these among leading brands which are hard wearing and should not chip. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully though, leaving plenty of drying time between coats, and check the suitability of your floor material. For more advice, read how to paint tiles, melamine, lino & wallpaper .

Lighting is a great way to change the look and feel of a room. Changing a pendant light is relatively inexpensive and can instantly transform the look of a room. Opt for a low hanging statement light to create a real focal point. For a really contemporary kitchen look, position low hanging pendant lights over a kitchen table, kitchen island or breakfast bar.

Be aware, that exposed light fittings in a kitchen can collect grime so you could consider strip or spot lighting fitted beneath your cabinets. Not only does this look great, it is also practical for food preparation. For options, read our guide to choosing kitchen lighting.

Furnish and accessorise
Replacing your soft furnishings with fabrics that match will help give your kitchen a more unified look. Buy a new tablecloth and blind, and repaint your chairs to match the scheme. You could even use the same fabric to make cushions for the chairs.

If your appliances look worn out, a toaster, breadbin and kettle set in chrome or a bright colour makes a brilliant instant kitchen perk. If you can afford it, treat yourself to an iconic product by a famous designer to complete your look with flair.