How to decorate a girl's bedroom

Not every girl wants a princesses and fairies theme bedroom, but many girls love a sense of majestic opulence and glamour. Plush soft bedroom furnishings and tactile fabrics combined with sparkly lights and lots of reflective surfaces give a fairytale feel without being kitsch.

How to decorate a girl's bedroom

How to decorate a girl's bedroom

Tips for girls' bedroom

  • Use clear-plastic wall pockets to display postcards, photos, pressed flowers or anything eye-catching.
  • Customise your own fairy lights with fake flowers. Take out the plastic stamen and push the bulb through the hole in the centre.
  • Mobiles are great fun for creative girls as you can create your own with model birds and butterflies using clear nylon thread to attach the items to a frame.
  • Buy a jewellery stand to hang necklaces and stop them from getting in a tangle.
  • Hang a miniature hammock in one corner of the room to keep teddies and other furry friends.
  • Take a look at this craft project for tips on how to make a fairy light headboard .

1) Choosing a bedroom colour scheme
You needn't be restricted to candy floss pink to create a gorgeous feminine bedroom. You can use rich purples, oranges and raspberry tones, a palette of Neapolitan pastel shades or keep it classic with plain whites mixed with floral fabrics. The sophisticated white look works particularly well if you have an old-fashioned fireplace and other traditional furniture like a dressing table, which you can also paint.

If your daughter has her heart set on a pink bedroom colour scheme, take a look at our gallery girls’ pink bedroom ideas or, for more options take a look at our article on how to choose a bedroom colour scheme.

2) Consider wall stickers or a feature wall
There are many ways to decorate walls and with a girl’s bedroom you have the freedom to let your imagination go wild.

How decorative the walls should be will depend on how much detail you have elsewhere in the room. If you have used patterned fabrics for the curtains and bed linens you may want to keep the walls plain or perhaps use monochrome wall stickers or stencils. Something like a swarm of butterflies or a flock of birds can look very effective and you can also buy mirrors cut in these shapes if you want to use the motif elsewhere in the room.

Letter stickers are great for personalising the space with the child’s name or a line from their favourite poem or song and you can even get blackboard stickers that can be drawn on with chalk so there is no excuse for scribbling on the paintwork. has a wide range of murals, stickers and other types of wall art for kids but don’t use too many ideas together or it will be too much.

A feature wall with a stylish floral wallpaper, polka dots or striped design is a modern way of using pattern without it becoming too chintzy and works well for an older girl’s bedroom. For more inspiration, visit our feature wall
section for galleries and design advice.

3) Choosing a bed
A four-poster bed is a fairytale dream for most little girls to have in their bedroom and as they get older it remains a novelty. Drape the bed with coloured chiffon or muslin curtains to create a secret hideaway. If you can’t find the right colour, muslin takes fabric dye very well so you can get the perfect shade. If you don’t have space for a four-poster or you already have a perfectly good standard bed you can create a similar look by hanging a mosquito curtain over the middle of the bed so that the drapes fall all around.

A platform bed leaves plenty of room to fit storage space underneath or if there is limited space and you need to fit a desk in as well, go for a loft style bed with a built-in work space. You could consider hanging beaded curtains around it to a separate study area. Read our article on choosing a bed for more advice.

4) Choosing bedroom storage
Good storage is essential in a child’s room to avoid too much clutter – especially if your daughter’s bedroom is on the small side. Traditional toy boxes, painted to suite your chosen colour scheme, can look great – but there are plenty of other options. Maximise space under the bed and place any unseasonal clothes in decorative boxes above the wardrobe – well out of reach. For loads more advice, take a look at our gallery on toy storage ideas.

5) Create a cosy corner in a girl's bedroom
Create a comfy zone for reading and quiet time with a child’s armchair, beanbags and cushions of different shapes and sizes. Use a mixture of clashing patterns in complementary colours for the cushions to create a casual, patchwork look. A thick pile rug is a good addition too, as it is more comfortable than carpet when children are playing on the ground with dolls or board games.