Property development: the bedroom

If you're developing a property, the bedrooms must feel like peaceful sanctuaries: places where buyers can feel comfortable. Once they're won over by its charms, you're well on the way to a successful sale.

Property development: the bedroom

Golden rules

  • Create calm, restful bedrooms and your calm, rested buyers will reach for their wallets.
  • Don't get too big a bed for the room. A normal double bed is all you need to display a normal double room to advantage. Anything bigger is just showing off and will look cramped anyway.
  • Resist the temptation to dress your bed in black and gold sheets. Fresh, white bedding is always best!

What people want
What your buyers are looking for more than anything else out of a bedroom - especially the master bedroom - is somewhere calm and restful to sleep. If your rooms are the same size but the front one overlooks a busy road, think about relocating your master bedroom to the rear of the house.

The next thing on most buyers' wish-list is an ensuite bathroom. The master bedroom should be your priority when choosing where to place an ensuite but don't forget that, in a larger house, offering a guest room with its own facilities will attract plenty of buyers, too.

Smart, functional wardrobe space that doesn't dominate the room is essential. If you're marketing the house to young sharers, this factor is especially important. Each inhabitant will want space to store personal possessions. Remember, too, that one large bedroom and two or three small rooms may suit a family but won't work for sharers. You need evenly sized rooms to please this market.

If you want to stay safe, use neutral colours throughout a bedroom and no buyer will be put off. If you want to be more adventurous, create accents by dressing the room with accessories in stronger shades of the background tints present in the neutrals. Resist the urge to paint bedroom walls in strong colours and avoid busy rugs, carpets and curtains.

Keep the furniture to the minimum - less is more! Keep the lighting simple but flexible. Don't saddle buyers with complex lighting that they may not like anyway. A handful of stylish, freestanding lights will help you create different moods and can be taken to the next development.

The bed will be the centrepiece of the room but you don't have to splash out on an expensive model. Dress a cheap bed with crisp, clean fabrics and plenty of cushions. Like the lights, you can take the lot with you to your next development.

In awkward-shaped bedrooms, consider built-in wardrobes - they'll take up far less space. Whatever your storage strategy, be absolutely ruthless with all clutter. A clutter-free bedroom will help you sell the property. All those property gurus on the telly can't be wrong!