How to declutter your home

Clutter is unattractive, messy and just gets in the way. It permeates all aspects of our lives, from unpaid bills to mismatched socks. It slows us down, making us far less effective. Start organing your home - and mind - with our tip tops.

How to declutter your home

Prepare to purge
Professional life launderers estimate that 40-50% of the content of an average room will need clearing out. This may sound quite a daunting task, but the trick is to tackle it one step at a time. First think which room or area in your home will benefit most from dejunking. It may be the cupboard under the stairs, your desk at work or it may even be your finances and paperwork which need an overhaul.

It's important to allocate enough time to complete the task. A proper purge can take a good few hours. You may find yourself reminiscing over old letters and keepsakes, so set aside at least one afternoon for each of the areas on your hit list. If you're a confirmed hoarder and are facing the challenge with trepidation you may like to enlist the help of a clutter-buddy.

Tied to the past
Have you got drawers and cupboards that you hesitate to open, knowing that they're full of old, broken and unused items? Hoarding things that belong to the past overcrowds not only our houses, but also our minds. This 'baggage' can drag us down and can prevent us moving forward to face new challenges.

Get stuck in
Arm yourself with five boxes. Go through each item and think rationally and objectively. Keep telling yourself that it's not what you have, it's who you are that's important. Categorise each item into one of the following and remember to label the boxes clearly!

Turn clutter into cash
Car boot sales and ads in local papers or online at auction sites such as are a great way of profiting from your clutter. One caveat though, if you put things in this box, you MUST follow through with your plan to sell. If you haven't made any moves within two weeks, dump the lot or recycle it.

Do the right thing and recycle where possible. Visit Wastepoint for advice on recycling or to find your nearest recycling point. Or visit your local charity shops. Anything that's broken, out-of-date or no good to you or anyone else in this bin. Be ruthless.

Remember me...
Keeping these for sentimental reasons is perfectly acceptable and you might even be encouraged to buy special storage or displays for treasured mementoes. Just don't let this box get too big!

If you use it regularly, it stays.

Storage solutions
Now that you've categorised each item you'll need plenty of sturdy storage. Boxes, dividers and racks are just a few of the storage solutions which will make life easier. Visit The Holding Company and check out their impressive range of storage items.

And relax...
If you've made it this far you definitely deserve a treat. Well done! Whether it's a large G&T or a new pair of shoes, we applaud you. You'll immediately start to notice how your life is improved by your new system. You'll spend less time frantically hunting for those lost items and your stress levels will now reach an all time low!