Meet Tommy Walsh

He's probably the most famous builder in Britain. Find out all about Tommy Walsh, the man behind the brilliant hard landscaping work in the popular Ground Force trio.

Meet Tommy Walsh

Meet Tommy Walsh

Fun fact

  • 6 ft 5 Tommy once fronted a height awareness campaign which encouraged people not to underestimate the hazards of working at even moderate heights!

After finishing school, Tommy Walsh went to work for his father, who manufactured garden products and did hard landscaping. During this time, he did some building work for the executive producer of Ground Force. She asked his opinion on various pilots, including a new gardening challenge show she was considering and was so impressed with his answers that she invited him to screen test for the show with another unknown, Charlie Dimmock!

They both went on to join Ground Force and since then, Tommy went gone from strength to strength, starring in 11 series of Ground Force as well as several other series in which he took a leading role.

Tommy lives in Hackney, East London, with his wife Marie and three children.