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Thursday 29 Sep 11

Top 50 property turn-offs

Damp patches, carpet in the bathroom and weird smells are some of the top property turn-offs when it comes to buying a home. 

We conducted a survey, asking 2000 adults what their biggest turn-offs are when it comes to choosing a home to celebrate our new and exclusive series, Britain's Ugliest Rooms.

Gordon Whistance unearths the nation's decorating disasters

The top 10 are easy to agree with, with damp patches being the biggest turn off for those asked. However, some of the top 50 are quite simply bizarre! We didn’t think magnolia paint or chandeliers were particularly offensive, but for some of you, they’re a real no no.

Top 10 property turn-offs:

1.  Damp patches
2.  Cracks
3.  Scruffy neighbour’s houses
4.  Botched DIY jobs
5.  Next to a pub
6.  Smell of dog
7.  Road noise
8.  Weird odours
9.  Dirty bathrooms
10. Flood plain

Here are the rest of the results:

11. Teenagers in the street, 12. Next to a school, 13. Art on the walls outside, 14. Gutters with plants growing in them, 15. Peeling paint, 16. A run down car outside, 17. Neighbour with a caravan in the drive, 18. Pebbledash, 19. Overgrown garden, 20. Next to a park, 21. Bus stop, 22. Skip outside, 23. Wacky paint colours, 24. Patterned tiling, 25. Clutter, 26. Carpet in the bathroom, 27. Nearby stream, 28. Unmade beds, 29. Beware of the Dog sign, 30. Animal statues, 31. Net curtains, 32. Chandeliers, 33. Kids' toys everywhere,  34. Messy teenagers' rooms, 35. Mirrored wardrobe doors, 36. Flowery wallpaper, 37. Too many personal items, 38. Gnomes in the garden, 39. Water features,  40. Wall mounted TVs, 41. Decking, 42. Magnolia paint, 43. Children's bikes and toys outside, 44. The house name, 45. Trampoline in the garden, 46. Solar panels, 47. White picket fence, 48. Porch, 49. Cork tiles, 50. Coloured bathroom suite.

Britain's Ugliest Rooms

Design nightmares transformed on the series!

Gordon Whistance, interior designer and presenter of Britain’s Ugliest Rooms said:  ‘’Buying a home is the biggest purchase people are ever likely to make, so in many buyer’s eyes, it needs to be perfect.

“But if at all possible it’s best to try to look beyond what can be changed cosmetically and focus on whether a property is right for you, as rooms can be quite dramatically transformed with a little bit of know-how.”

Britain's Ugliest Rooms weeknights at 7.30pm only on the Home TV Channel (Virgin 265, Sky 246)

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