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by lindaH82311, Mar 16, 2012

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Q: What can I do with tiling around my bath?

I have just had my bath moved onto a wall which is part tiled. I need to tile this wall. Do I put up a sheet of plasterboard to cover the whole area or do I try to plaster the untiled part to level it to the tiled part?

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by Matt Long, Mar 16, 2012

A: I think this question means that you want to tile the whole wall, and over the existing tiles, but that the part of the wall with no tiles on it needs bringing level to the surface of the tiles to do this.

The best thing I can suggest is to remove the existing tiles and then re-tile the whole wall from scratch. By the time you've messed around getting your wall level for tiling any other way, you may as well have done this.

There are dangers to tiling over tiles (read this answer here) so starting from scratch is the best bet for your bathroom.

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