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by JohnH47354, Apr 26, 2011

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Q: Fitting an outside tap

How would a complete bungler like myself fit an outside tap without having to go tt the expense of hiring a plumber? I also have the added problem of being disabled with restricted mobility. I hope you can help me with this , thank you

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by Craig Phillips, May 3, 2011

A: Great to hear you’re doing your own DIY. Plumbing, in an outside tap can be a DIY task.

First, you must isolate the water mains by turning the main stop tap off to the cold water feed. You’ll need to find where the 15mm cold water pipes leads to and from and then  find the closest point to where you require your tap.

Then, using a copper pipe cutter cut a section out of the pipe - this only has to be about 40mm wide then you can slide a 15mm T-junction compression joint onto the cut section and onto the ends of the pipe.

Using an adjustable spanner gently tighten up both compression nuts, then fit a separate piece of 15mm pipe coming from the T section of the T junction joint, take this piece to the area you require your tap to be installed.

Again, the taps you purchase should be a compression fitting so you can hand tighten with your spanner. This will be a lot easier than trying to solder the fitting. You’ll then need to drill, plug and screw the tap to the wall outside using an masonry drill bit in your drill, with a hammer action setting on to help drill into the masonry.

Once the tap is fitted in its correct position, you can tighten up all compression joints, turn your water on and you should have a outside tap ready to use!

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