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by Home User, Nov 10, 2010

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Q: We are about to move house - which area should I decorate first in our new home?

My family and I are about to move from a 4 bed house to a 3 bed bungalow. There are only 3 of us, but I don't know where to start first on the decorating. The kitchen is dated, but we can't afford to replace it. The bathroom also needs replacing and a shower is a necessity. The living room needs redecorating as the wallpaper is falling off the walls and we will need somewhere to relax when we're able to. Where would you start?

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by Home, Nov 10, 2010

A: The best room to start on is the living/dining room - if only because we all need a place to relax, unwind and practise our couch potato skills. And not only is it the room in which we spend most of our home time, but bar the bedrooms, it's possibly the cheapest room to do up.

A bit of carpet, a few rolls of wallpaper and a couple of tins of paint don't stretch the purse strings as much as a new bathroom suite or even worse, a new kitchen. And when the builders/plumbers and decorators are leaving the rest of the house in dissaray, you can shut yourself away in the haven that is your living room, blissfully ignorant (almost) of the chaos outside.

If you can afford it, sort the bathroom out next, seeing as you're desperate for a shower (make do with a cheap shower attachment for your taps for now), and if the kitchen replacement is a distant dream, prime the units, then revamp with a lick of paint. Sorted.

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