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by EmilyG64104, Feb 27, 2011

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Q: Tiling ideas for a bathroom floor?

I have a smallish bathroom (3m square) and am planning on having ceramic tiles laid. I'm not sure whether to go for 60x30 rectangular tiles laid in a brick style or to go for 30x30 square tiles. I'm not sure if the brick style of laying tiles is a fad and whether it is safer to go for square tiles?

Also, if I go for the brick style, which direction should the tiles lay - across the room or towards the window?

I'd be grateful for any input! Thanks.

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by Gordon Whistance, Mar 30, 2011

A: Hello,

I'd opt for laying tiles in a brick formation. This style has been used since Georgian times so it's been around for ages, and it was only the advent of 'clean lines' in the 50s and 60s that introduced what we now consider normal tile laying.

Which direction you lay the tiles will affect how big your bathroom will feel. Longways will draw the eye to the window and make the room feel longer, whereas crossways will shorten the room and make it feel more square. This might be the best option if your bath is along the long wall and the floor space is narrow.

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