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by Home User, Sep 8, 2012

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Q: Will black carpet make my bedroom look smaller?

Will black carpet make my bedroom look smaller? My room is quite small and so I have cream walls to make it look bigger, but now I have to choose carpet for my room.

I really want this black carpet that has shiny silver specs going through it, but I'm worried that my room will look smaller than it already is.

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by Gordon Whistance, Sep 19, 2012

A: The best flooring to use in a small room is to keep it pale (ish) and relatively close in depth of colour to the walls as it'll blur the floor/wall boundaries.

So yes, a black carpet will make your bedroom feel smaller than it is as it'll draw the eye to the boundaries of the room. Having said that, obviously the room isn't actually any smaller, and if you really want it, why not have it?

My suggestion would be: Have the carpet you really want and tone the walls down a notch or two so they're not so cream, then tie it all together with some pictures with a large percentage of black or grey, some black, grey, taupe and cream cushions and duvet cover and a little crisp white peeking through in the bedsheets.

The over all look will be a little darker than maybe you want, but it'll look cosy and gorgeous....and you'll have the carpet you want.

Hope that helps!

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