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by Home User, Jul 10, 2012

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Q: My house is very old and smells musty, what do I do?

I've lived in my detached house for five years, and am fed up with a musty smell I notice on arriving through my front door.

I know there's a problem, but don't see any damp? I don't know where or who to contact without being ripped off!

Then I hear it could be a whole host of problems from my friends.

I need some advice about where I should start, and a push in the right direction.

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by Matt Long, Jul 10, 2012

A: You really need to get this checked out by a professional. The damp and musty smell could come from a number of sources. Unfortunately, it could mean spending quite a lot of money to put right.

The problem is, some of the possible reasons for the smell could mean you have problems that will cause structural damage, and you don't want that to happen.

So, get a few specialist firms to have a look at the problem, and let them diagnose it. Then get various quotes for putting it right, before deciding what to do.

An important thing is to get the firm involved to show you what the problem is, if possible, so you can judge if they are being accurate.

And, tell the next firm in what the first firm's diagnosis was, to get their opinion. It should soon become obvious if any firms are being unreliable.

Also check websites such as Find a tradesman, which should allow you to choose from a pool of respected trades people.

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    • User JeremyO18187 profile image JeremyO18187 Says:

      Posted on 12 of November 2014

      Maybe you could call your estate agent or landlord about the problem? They might be able to call in their regular contractor to help you get it fixed. They are meant to be able to handle most of theissues for the rest of the houses/apartments under their management and might be able to get you a cheaper price and quotation for the work that needs to be done.

    • User BenniG90904 profile image BenniG90904 Says:

      Posted on 27 of October 2014

      I hope that you manage to find the issue soon! It's important to get these issues settled as soon as possible and even more so if you're living in an apartment or house for rent. Maybe you can ask your landlord to check things out if you have one?