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by rahilaM92338, Jan 13, 2011

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Q: How do I work a purple and brown colour scheme into a small room?

I’m about to move into a new house that has a very small lounge and a dining area (approx 15"x 14.8"). I’d like to use a combination of two colours - purple and chocolate brown (the flooring is light cream).

What colour should I choose for the curtains? What colour scheme should I choose for the dining area? What type of rug gives a modern feel? And how do I make the whole look seem as spacious as possible?

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by Gordon Whistance, Jan 31, 2011


Purple and brown look very handsome together, but too much of it with no respite will make the room feel small. So I would keep it simple - brown and cream with a purple accent in the sitting end, and purple and cream with brown accents in the dining end (or vice versa).

This means you will be able to move items around the room without worrying about upsetting the colour scheme. You could even add a touch of smoky blue if you find the colours feel a little monochrome.

I would choose a rug that has some texture, but not too much - a medium length shag-pile would be good (note: the more texture you put into a room, the smaller it feels).

Dark colours always need more lighting, so instead of one lamp, get four and place them around the room - it look so much more luxurious, spacious and well considered.

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