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by Home User, Jul 8, 2012

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Q: How do I remove Artex?

All up my stairs, hall and landing and the bottom half of my lounge walls are covered in Artex, some of it quite deep in places. I'm sure it's not got asbestos in it.

I want to remove it - what is the best product for this please?

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by Matt Long, Jul 9, 2012

A: You say you are sure the Artex doesn't contain asbestos - are you absolutely sure? Have you had it tested?

It is very important you have this information 100 per cent correct, as the health implications are obvious. Your council will have an asbestos specialist, so I would contact them to make absolutely sure.

Assume you do have asbestos in your Artex, rather than just guess that you haven't.

If you are certain there's no asbestos, then you can use products which soften textured coverings, and seem to do a fairly good job, such as X-Tex Artex Remover.

If there is asbestos present in your textured covering, I would always get a professional in to deal with the problem - better to be safe than sorry. The risks of potential harm far outweigh any benefits from trying a job yourself.

To be honest, however, you have such a large expanse of Artex, I would get a plasterer in to deal with it, anyway.

The problem with removing Artex is that you have no idea of the quality of the walls underneath the Artex. Artex was often used to cover dodgy walls, and after removing it, you may find the wall is so poor, it needs a re-skim anyway.

So, why not just bite the bullet, get a pro in to deal with the Artex and plaster over it. You could be scraping away for days, and find the wall underneath is a mess anyway, and needs re-skimming.

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