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by Home User, Jul 3, 2012

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Q: How do I stop the purple stain on my wall?

I have a small mauve/purple patch which keeps appearing no matter how often it's painted over.It's on an interior wall. I have been advised that it's something to do with the stud wall. What can I put on before I paint over it, please?

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by Matt Long, Jul 3, 2012

A: There are quite a few paints on the market designed to stop stains coming through them. One is Polycell's One Coat Stain Stop.

However, there is a chance that the discolouration is not coming through the walls as such, but is something called 'ghosting'. This is a complicated issue, and means it could be the discolouration is landing on the surface of the walls from dust particles in the air of your home, so painting over the area may not stop it happening again.

Here's a website that discusses the issue. Basically, no one is quite sure why it happens, but following the advice on the web page may help.

To start with, I would try the above paint, and see what happens.

Also, I am assuming here that the discolouration is not from damp, or a leak, and you've had the wall checked for these options.

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