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by Home User, Jun 27, 2012

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Q: Where do I fix continuous rope to ring plates on decking posts - the inside or outside of the posts?

Do I fix the galvanised ring plates to the inside surface of the decking posts and thread the rope through... or to the outside edge of the posts so that the rope will be on the outside of the posts? Can't decide, can you help please? Thanks so much for the answer to my garden circle.

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by Matt Long, Jun 28, 2012

A: Can't think of a practical reason to do it one way or another, so I would suggest you decide which way you think looks the most appealing, with the rope on the inside or outside.

Then decide if you want to see the best looking side of the fence from your home, or you want the outside world to see the best looking aspect of the fence.

Good luck with the choice!

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