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by marieB45349, Jun 26, 2012

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Q: Just papered and painted the wall, but next day it looks damp.

When I replaced the wallpaper because a stain appeared, I noticed the wall wasn't wet or mouldy but the plaster felt very sticky. What could be the problem? the wall is an internal wall in the middle of the house.

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by Craig Phillips, Jun 27, 2012

A: This sounds quite strange - to find a sticky area of plaster on an internal wall if there are no signs of damp or mould, after you have removed the affected wallpaper!

I can only presume that what ever was used to stick the wall paper on wasn't the correct substance.

I've seen in the past when wallpaper does not quite dry out that a form of glue was used that was out of its shelf life, and didn't quite mix up properly.

Or failing this, there might have been a sealant of some sort applied to the plastered wall before the wallpaper paste, which has stopped the paste and wallpaper drying properly.

I'd suggest that you scrub the walls with a sugar soap, leave to dry and then give them a good sand down with sandpaper, dust of well and then 'size' the bare plaster, leave to dry and then paper as normal.

You buy 'size' in powder crystals that have to be mixed with water and rolled onto the bare plaster. It's very cheap to buy and really easy to apply.

Hope this helps!

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