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by Home User, Jun 11, 2012

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Q: How can I best renovate ornate moulded skirting?

I am changing the fireplace with a narrower surround, and in doing so there is a gap in the old wide Victorian ornate moulded pitch pine skirtings, where the skirting and surround meets. It is not possible to get moudings like this off the shelf, and I have asked specialist companies who could make bespoke, but at a hefty price for what is a 2" gap either side. I have checked a salvage yard, but there was nothing exact. I might take a cast, but have my doubts on matching. Any other suggestions?

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by Matt Long, Jun 11, 2012

A: This is always a difficulty with period properties. The original features are lovely, but matching up for repairs can be very difficult. Apart from the options you have explored

One way to get around this would be to build up the skirting board out of other mouldings, and try and get as close as possible to the original. So get a flat section of timber for the main part of the skirting, and then fix various other mouldings, such as quadrant and ovolo, etc, together and try and get a match. There is no guarantee of an exact match, however.

Another option is to make a feature of whatever you fill the gap with. So make a larger infill section that will match the style of skirting or fireplace, and fix this in place. This also has the benefit of you not having to try and hide the joint lines, two inches either side of the fireplace, if you try and get an exact match of skirting.

Alternatively, you could bite the bullet, and replace the entire length of skirting either side of the fireplace... this way you'll get away for joint lines, and bits of skirting that nearly, but not quite fit. Obviously this is expensive, but is the best route to guarantee a great job, and better justifies getting bespoke skirting board made.

Though if you can find a goodish match with reclaimed skirting, if you replace the entire lenght, the change in mouldings is less noticeable in the corners.

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