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by EllieG65050, Jun 4, 2012

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Q: How do we decorate our ugly fireplace? Please help!

I live in a rented Victorian flat and have a horrible MDF cover which has been put over the fireplace. We have been here seven years and are not planning on moving so we could take this off and see what is underneath, but there is always the risk that it is a horrendous mess which will cost us a fortune. I have recently rearranged the furniture so that our two sofas are facing each other, with our fire place at one end of the room, but it looks a bit bare... any suggestions on how we could improve this?

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by Matt Long, Jun 5, 2012

A: Hi there, I can see your problem! Most probably there is a fireplace behind the cover, or else why would the cover be there? However, as your are in rented property, you will need your landlord's permission to remove the cover and have a look.

Your landlord should also be able to tell you what is behind the cover, and if it is worth removing to get to whatever is behind it.

If there is no fireplace behind the cover, then you will have to think of disguise, if your landlord will not pay to have a proper fireplace fitted - unless you are willing to pay yourself, but as you say, that won't be cheap!

You could consider getting some sort of decorative screen to go in front of MDF, or hiding it behind furniture again, or maybe even try painting a design on it.

Or, perhaps you could get the landlord to pay a carpenter to create a more decorative box - which would perhaps be cheaper than a fireplace.

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